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Introducing the GCC

The Ginger Cucumber Cooler is sure to be your new summer crush. Enjoy it 2 ways: save the recipe below and watch how to make it and/or come to Cutter's Crabhouse and order while enjoying the scenic views and soaking in the sun.

GCC Recipe

1.5 OZ Ginger Beer
6 Slices of Cucumber
1.5 OZ Tito's Vodka or your favorite
1 OZ Fresh Lime Sour
0.5 OZ Club Soda

1. Muddle the first 3 cucumbers in a pint glass and fill with ice followed by the lime sour, Vodka and shake well.
2. Add 2 cucumber wheels to the shaken cocktail and pour into a mojito glass, top with ice.
3. Top with the ginger beer and soda. Garnish with the remaining cucumber.

Chef Brett Howlee

In Honor of Mother's Day

Mother's Day is an occasion to acknowledge and celebrate the important women in our lives and express gratitude for all they do. In honor of Mother's Day, Chef Brett Gardner Howell, executive chef at Cutters Crabhouse, is sharing his favorite memories with the inspiring women in his life and special family recipes dear to his heart.

Raised in the hills of East Tennessee, Southern traditions were embedded throughout Chef Brett's childhood. The fondest of those memories were the days he spent in the kitchen cooking and concocting homemade recipes with his mother and grandmothers.

Growing up, he never understood how or why his matriarchs spent so many hours preparing for a meal that lasted only 30 minutes. Today, he understands it was love. The following two recipes were passed down from Chef Brett's grandmother to mother, and now he's sharing them with you.

The first is 'Mamaw's Southern Fried Hand Pies' recipe, which he and his grandmother made together when he was young. The ingredients for these fried pies were inexpensive when Chef Brett was growing up, as the apples came fresh and ripe from the orchard in his grandmother's backyard. Traditionally, his grandmother's fried pies were fruit pies, but his mom loved baking chocolate pies.

The second recipe is Chef Brett's mother's cornbread dressing. Chef Brett made this cornbread dressing with his mom every year from age seven until he left for college. Even as a chef, he claims he's never tasted a better Thanksgiving dressing. Since he's often unable to make it home for Thanksgiving, Chef Brett makes the homemade dressing for his family and friends in Seattle. One year, he made it for his team at Palisade!

Please download the list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions to both Chef Brett's Mamaw's and mother's recipes. Enjoy!